#86  Live Today

At this time in human history, there is so much that is ugly -- images of violence, hatred, and destruction, each day and night on the network news. It is more important than ever to choose carefully what things we focus our thoughts on, and what things we give harbor to in our hearts. For whatever we give attention to, whether positive or negative, grows. Don't take anything unworthy into the center of your consciousness, for whatever you hold and focus on in consciousness, you are adding power to.

"... whatsoever things are true,

Whatever it is, this life you have is your soul’s chosen adventure. Live it now, with as much love and joy as you can. Not just pleasure, but joy. They are not the same.

Don't wait till tomorrow to live and love. Don't wait for things to get better, or until you can afford it. Take a deep breath and look for whatever there is in your life that's beautiful now, however small, and focus on those things so that they can grow. For you are the creator of your life- circumstances, and whatever you give your attention and feeling to, good or bad, will grow and multiply and manifest as your life.

Don't live every day of your life on a deadline. Don't rush through the garden without seeing its exquisite small beauties. Breathe deeply its fragrances. Begin to notice things. The bitter green color of spring grass, so green you can almost taste it; the freshness of roses spattered with sweet rain. They were put there for you. Linger a little while after sunset, before you turn on the lights. In the twilight comes a lovely sense of peace, and you might see the flickering of fireflies on a summer night.

Life is eternal, but this earthly journey is temporary, unique, and sacred. Live it today. Live it right now, with as much joy as you can. Whatever is happening that is hurting you, let it go. Forgive everybody, and then forgive yourself, and turn back to your joy.

Never pass up an opportunity to be a little bit kinder, a little bit generous, a little bit loving. You never know when just a little thing is enough to save a life. Never pass up an opportunity to give love, or to receive it.

Life is rich; spend it like a millionaire. Rejoice in it. That's what it was given to you for.

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