#80 - The Creator in

Artists make images. That's what we do - with different materials in different ways. The manner doesn't matter; the image does.

Consider the word "imagine" which is to make an image with the mind. The mind is the engine of creation. An image begins to form itself there, and then something comes into being. It is the way God created the heavens and the earth.

When we create an image or a thought, we are tapping into the source of all life. We are receiving a moment's glimpse of all of this, and we rush to capture it in whatever way we can. We all do this. The poet writes, the painter paints, the mother loves and cherishes, the father plans and builds, the child learns and grows.

Whatever you do is sacred. Be aware, and take care to do it with dignity and with respect, and as honestly as you can. Every human soul does whatever that soul does, and the spark of it goes out to everyone.

Endeavor to live mindfully; be quick to open yourself to your indwelling creative spirit in whatever work you do. When you feel it moving in you, be honest and be aware: The gift is given not to you, but through you, to the world.

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