This Month's New Thought Essay

For most of us, all along our path from birth to wisdom we receive many wounds from other human beings, sometimes done with the intention to hurt or control us, sometimes done “for our own good” and sometimes done without any conscious intention at all. Often they are done by people we love, or people who love us, without any awareness that these acts could damage so deeply.

The wounds of our childhood engrave patterns of belief and expectation about life deep into our vulnerable under-mind. They stick and stay there, below the surface of our awareness, so that we live out these same old patterns over and over. Years later the same traps and pitfalls reappear in different forms and different circumstances.

So when we finally begin to investigate life on our own terms, we may read psychology or study Truth Teachings and sacred texts, and begin to see differently. Then we begin our struggle against the rutted quicksand that we have begun to recognize. Looking back over ten or twenty years, we can see the familiar traps and stuck-places repeating over and over, only in new costumes or new places, but with the same old pattern underneath. When we realize this, we are ready to begin to change our “luck” in life and profoundly change our future.

There are many powerful, wonderful, God-given writings to help us find our way out of the darkness of of the past and into the light of unlimited possibility that is our birthright. We try to do what all our books recommend, but even though the chains of childhood mislearning are visible now, and weakened perhaps, they still remain. We struggle even more as we recognize our misdirection and endeavor to change it. Why do we still find ourselves in bad situations, being abused by coworkers, or family, or bosses, or strangers? Why are we still asking ourselves “Why didn’t I see that coming?”

It is only by healing that we find release from the past, and we know truly and with certainty that the past has no real power over us. In truth, it has never had any power over us, except when we believe it does. By believing, we give anything power, but the power is in us, and has been in us all the time. Take back your power from the past, and you claim the right to a new present and a new future.

Knowing is important, but believing is at the center of everything that is. What we believe, becomes true in our lives. We create the circumstances of our lives by what we choose to believe, but we live much of our lives without even realizing what we are “buying into.” We are unaware of what we are unconsciously believing. When we begin to be aware of our thoughts and beliefs, we begin to take dominion over them, and to make better, happier choices for our lives. Problems will still come, but they are recognized as opportunities to heal and to grow.

Problems are not cured simply by understanding, by intellect, by actions, or even by prayer, alone. There is no cure without healing. It is healing that is the way of release from the past, and release from the past that is the way to healing. Healing requires faith and the belief that it is not only possible, but right and natural, and that we deserve it.

Healing and the new life usually doesn't happen in a clap of thunder. Like all worthwhile things, it may take time, focus, effort, and practice. For the sake of our healing, our soul often takes us to places our consciousness doesn’t want to go, and it takes us there again and again so that we may have many opportunities to heal and transcend.

There is no one formula for how to heal, but you can be sure it will include rock-bottom honesty, patience, and forgiveness in many places along the way. Your path is your own, and I respect and honor your soul’s choices as much as I honor my own. I wish I could tell you that I have healed myself so totally that now I never have any problems – Not so. But what I can tell you is that the purpose of life is the journey, not the destination, and that the great secret is that life does not have a destination because it does not have an end.

Life is infinite; learning is infinite too. Please enjoy every inch of the journey. You can never go backwards. Every earnest step is a soul-success. No matter how it looks, it takes you forward. Nothing can take you back. Life will present exactly the lesson your soul needs at exactly the time you need it. Even when it seems to be not what you wanted, and even if you feel you are not ready to handle it. You are. And you never have to handle it alone.

The universe is your garden, God is always available, you have billions and billions of brothers and sisters, and still there is enough of God to go around.

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