#77 - Do What You

Whatever God is calling you to do, begin now to do it. The way will be opened, and the means will be provided. Take faith in yourself, for God has had faith in you, and the gift is already given. Claim it now and let it express through you.

The world is terribly in need of loving enterprise. Of every kind - honest business, truthful partnerships, and the practice of kindness as a lifestyle. Take a stand for what you know is true. Refuse to do things you feel and know are wrong. Give up the excuse that it's okay because "everybody does it." You are not everybody; you are a unique and powerful being in your own right, created so by the Creator of all that is, and you are designing your own life in this very moment. It will be what you choose, so give yourself full credit for this gift and responsibility, and be mindful of what you are choosing.

Everywhere we look there is greed and rage, and it is creating more and more greed and rage and sorrow. We don't have to choose that. We don't have to respond to that in the same manner. We don't have to become that which we fear, and hold fear and rage in our minds all the time. That only gives fear and rage more power and more places to grow. We don't have to accept that way of being -- it's not who we are. It's not our true Source and Being.

We can be different; we can choose differently. We can simply do what we do, mindfully and heartfully. We can simply be who we are and know that we are good enough just as we are, and growing. We can choose to be the best of ourselves instead of giving in to the worst of ourselves, or trying to be somebody else. For a great many of us that may be hard in the beginning, but it gets easier with practice. And as soon as the commitment is made, the universe moves immediately to support us, to open doors, to provide what is needed, and to work simple miracles on our behalf.

Take faith and step out. Do what you can, however small a thing, to make our world a better kinder place. Focus not just your actions, but even more your thoughts and beliefs. ("A belief is just a thought we keep on thinking."-Abraham/Hicks). Believe only the best you can about yourself and all others, and forgive the rest. Let it go. Focus your conscious thought again and again on the best and finest things you are, ever have been, and ever can be, and hold firmly to those thoughts until they come true. They will.

What you believe creates the life you live and the person you are. Know this; it is true. Look for the best of yourself, focus on that, and nurture it. Use it to create a better and better life for yourself, growing one day at a time. You are creating -- we are creating – a different world than we have known before, or else we are helping to destroy it. It will be according to our choice, and it is not only possible, it is inevitable, and it is time for each one of us to choose, now.

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