#75 - The Deeper Voice

There is a voice that we speak with in our everyday encounters with each other. Then there is a more honest one with which we speak in our private thoughts and journals, or to our closest friends. But there is another voice that comes from a deeper place, and rarely speaks aloud or in written words. It comes in meditation and in prayer. And beneath that, even deeper ones - deeper than our conscious thoughts and feelings can go. Only God knows how many levels of knowing and feeling and expressing through us that we may be completely unaware of in our physical lifetime here.

There is so much more of the human spirit than we can see or even begin to understand, and somehow we know this, not consciously but with another kind of deeper knowing. But we accept the limitations of who-we-are-now, as being Who We Are. Even though we instinctively know it is not - that we are more. And every one of us wants to become more, to break through the limitations and obstacles this life brings into our path, or we bring to mourselves, to conquer and grow through, and beyond.

It has been said many times in human history that God/Spirit/Universal Mind speaks to all of us in the way that we can personally understand. But sometimes we have trouble hearing it. That's where so many of us are now, trying to hear, but unable to hear clearly.

Please God, help me to hear truly, and to understand, so that I can act with conviction, with purpose, and with a strong desire and intention, and fulfill my soul's mission here. Open my understanding. Show me Who I Am. I need to see it. Please show me Who I Am, as You see me.

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