#73   Everyone Is Wounded

Everyone is flawed. Whether it is a physical defect or a deeper, less visible wound. And yet this too is part of the perfect plan of God's universe. Our wounds and flaws challenge us to grow and become more than we have known ourselves to be. Our inner relationship with our wounds is a growth process. It shapes and colors the character of the self we wear in the physical aspect of our world.

We all have been treated unkindly or unfairly, and wear the mark of that, either visibly or hidden. Eventually we will make a choice, whether consciously or unaware, either to be a steadfastly kind and fair ourselves, or be willing to be unkind and unfair, even cruel, as our way of being in the world with others. This is a choice made by the mind. It is not the choice of the soul.

The soul always maintains kindness and fairness, generosity and forgiveness. It is beyond personality; it is deeper and much bigger. It is the Greater Self of us. It is the God-in-us. Our physical presence here, wonderful and amazing as it is, yet is only a smaller part of that Greater Self. We have come here to this place and time to experience physical life, all of it, and so there will be many choices, and many of us will choose pain - to hurt and be hurt.

Both cruelty and the need for power over others are generated by fear and the belief in weakness. In truth each of us has the strength and love of God available to us. In fact we are strong, and don't really need fear. But when we don't know this, fear tempts our attention at every corner and every evening on the TV News, and so we buy into the illusion that being strong means controlling others. In truth, being strong involves nothing else but controlling our own thoughts and beliefs, from the inside, because these are what manifest our individual life and experience. We are all able to do this, and this strength inevitably creates the life we consciously want, if we choose it.

The fear that generates unkindness and violence is itself generated not by anything outside of us, but by our own belief in fear and helplessness. Cruelty is the classic hallmark of weakness. The strong do not need it. The courageous do not need it. Each of us does choose (either consciously or unaware) whether we want to operate our lives on a foundation of fear and insecurity thoughts, or on a foundation of faith and confidence in our God-given strength. We are all designed for success and happiness - the choice is there - but because we are given free will at birth, many do not choose it. Even so, all of us are free to choose again, at any time. We can decide to choose differently and begin to grow into a different direction instead.

"This obstacle has come into your life to bless you."

There are no failures at soul level. No matter what we do here, nothing we think or do condemns us, for we live and move and have our being safe in the love of a forgiving God. Even when we die, we do not end. The soul moves on after this adventure is done, taking the lessons we learned here. We will look back on this life either with compassion and joy, or with regret. It all depends on the choices we make here and now, in this moment.

You are not a victom or a prisoner of your past. If there are things life has brought you that you want to change, begin now. Ask, and you will receive the help and support of a loving universe. The full strength of the Great Presence/your personal God stands ready to assist and empower you in your new choice.

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