#68  Living Strong Through

The world we live in is passing through tremendous change and turbulence. All of us will be challenged by changes and new situations for which we are unprepared. And yet, every obstacle, every problem, every difficult stretch of road that comes, has come here to bless you. Whatever else it may seem, its purpose is to give you another opportunity to transcend, to grow stronger, and to rise higher. Here is a simple formula that was given to me; I share it now with you.

The first step is always the same: turn within to where God abides in you. Whether you pray to the Virgin Mary, or Buddha, or Shiva, the God of nature, or the Great Consciousness, the Presence of the universal God is always within each one of us, permeates all through us, and always answers in a way that we can personally understand, when we ask and listen.

From the Inner Counselor:

Call to me and I
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