Sometimes we miss the opportunities for our greatest joys and successes in life because we are afraid to try. The only reason to be afraid of anything is because we are not trusting God in us, and in our lives. It is because we have set ourselves the task of being the power and the wisdom in our lives, instead of trusting our inner Presence of God to lead us through every encounter, every experience, every seeming “test” of our strength and spirit. That's the way The Infinite has set it up - we are unique individuals, each one with free will and a unique mind with which to choose and create our lives. We can choose to be the power in our lives, but our own strength alone is so much less than God’s - and God stands ready to empower our greatest dreams, if we ask and trust in this.

And yet like stubborn teenage spirits, we try to do it all on our own. And we can do that, if we choose. God will seldom butt in, except once in a while as a gift of grace, to save us from the messes we’ve made for ourselves. But basically, God/the Universe gives us what we ask for, and lets us find our own way and discover life ourselves. That’s just the way it is. But God is always patiently watching us like children at play, or young birds learning to fly. We will fall a lot, and God does know this. God’s Eternal Presence will not keep us from falling, but will always pick us up gently each time we do.

Life hurts sometimes, and that’s a fact. This physical life is full of physical, sensual, and emotional feelings which are mostly incredibly wonderful but also sometimes can be terribly painful, depending on what we choose to experience, what hidden rules and limitations we invent for ourselves, and which roads we take on our path through this life.

God is always the power behind it all, but you are the driver. You control the speed and the brakes, and the steering wheel is in your hands. When you drive your car (or your life) with your eyes wide open, and your focus is on the here and now, life is beautiful no matter where you go.

But unfortunately, millions of us are "asleep at the wheel." Or blabbering on the cell phone. And so we create dangers for ourselves, and we miss many of the important turns and vistas of our life’s journey, and much of the beauty that is continuously passing by all around us. When you are careless and thoughtless with this life, just as when you are careless or thoughtless as a driver, you can, and sooner or later you will, crash and damage yourself and others.

Before you do that, take a moment right now to consider this: “If I really can have anything, the life I want, and God has promised to give it - do I really want to, and choose to, ignore that? Do I really want to casually toss that away?”

If you decide the answer is yes, please - try not to take anyone else’s life with you when you crash your own. On the other hand, if you decide to take God up on the offer, be ready for a whole new kind of ride. One that’s different and more amazing than you can even begin to imagine. Buckle up. You’re going somewhere you've never been before. No matter where you are right now, you are still on the road, and the road is open. And no matter where you’ve been in this life so far, God has been with you, whether you knew it or not. God has gone with you - Now try going with God.

So many times we pass up an opportunity to express love, because we have loved before and been hurt. We pass up an opportunity to dance because we fear we’ll fall or look foolish. We don’t realize that falling is part of the process of everything we’ve learned in life, and learning is life’s very essence. Choosing not to try just means choosing to fail in advance. It is choosing to live a little less. Or a lot less.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “when one door closes, another door opens.” This is always true, but you still have to walk through the door, to get to where it goes. That takes some courage, and trusting in the possibility, and believing in a loving God whose only intention is to bless you just as much as you will allow, by your conscious choice.

Instead of doing all the work yourself, let go of the need to. Let God do it through you instead. Take Faith, and "Don't push the river." It moves beautifully on its own and it will take you to where you really need to go (even if that turns out to be different than where you thought.) Stress never makes anything go better; Go gently for a change. Trust the outcome to a greater power and a greater wisdom - one that is always within you. Make the decision and commitment to partner-up with Infinite Mind/ God/ Spirit. Let go of your history, and open your life to Infinite Possibility instead.

“As a man thinketh, so is he.” What we believe is what we receive. By focusing your thoughts on problems, disappointments, and fears of failure, you may have been asking for what you didn't want, instead of what you really do want. If your life is not what you really wanted, consider changing the kinds of thought-choices you have made in your history to a new kind of choices. Ask and Believe, and Trust that the promise is really true that “Whatsoever you ask believing, you shall have it.” Because it is true, and you do.

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