Some people say you can’t mix faith and science, God and Darwin, Genesis and evolution. But you don’t really need to, and never did. We don’t have to because they were never separate in the first place. Everything that exists in our world and elsewhere is all part of only one entity: God/the universe and infinite Consciousness. But it’s kind of hard to think that big, with only the human mind, so we tend to break down all of life into small parts and pieces to make it easier for ourselves to grasp.

“Otherness” is an illusion of physical life. It’s one of the many ideological separations we have created with human minds in order to understand and try to control the meaning of our physical world.

Quantum physics has now shown us that consciousness does influence objects and events, and proven it mathematically. That’s science. And the Mind doesn’t just perceive and receive, it actually creates. “Ask and you shall recieve... and every one that asketh, receiveth.” is physically proven by life experience. That’s God. There is no separation between these two, because they are not two.

The laws of the physical world are limited, and we study them in order to live better here. But the law of God/Spirit that really runs things, beneath the illusions, is not limited by physical laws. What you believe is what you receive. If you choose to believe that the physical world and its goals and limitations are all there is, that will be your life-experience. But that will not change the truth and reality of how God/the universe works. It only closes the door to your conscious intentional applying of your soul’s power and strength. As long as you believe the physical rules and limitations are all there is, those will be the rules and limitations that govern your life and circumstances.

You are always capable of much more than you think, because your soul is capable of unimaginably more, and is always in immediate complete contact with God/the universal Consciousness. But the access point is not in the brain. The brain is what runs the nuts-&-bolts work of the body. It’s the conscious and subconscious Mind that creates the life and circumstances we see and experience. The conscious mind is the doorway, through which we can seek and access the mind of God, which is already there within us, always present and available. Spirit/God/the universal Consciousness (whatever name we call it by) is the real inner essence of who and what we are. When we endeavor to live mindfully, we begin to consciously know God and to materialize the God within us into the physical world.

We are always using the creative power of God because it has been given to us and is an essential aspect of who and what we are. We are creators. when we seek to access this power to consciously co-create with God, we create wonderful things for ourselves and others and our world. When we use it unconsciously, mindlessly, or carelessly, we often create things we later regret, like wars, destruction, illness, addictions, pain and suffering for ourselves and others, greed, dishonesty... add your own list here.

We create our physical lives and our world; what we hold in mind, always must manifest in our experience. This is a simple equation, but it plays out in infinitely complex ways. Whatever we do to anyone or anything, we are doing to ourselves. The hurtful things eventually hurt us, and the kind things always return to bless us in some way. “Otherness” is a construct of mind and a “rule” of the physical playing field, but in the larger field of infinite life, it’s not real. It’s just a rule of this game we have come here to play. It is a serious game, but it’s not all there is.

God has provided for us everything we need to be abundant, creative, successful, content, and joyous in our lives - if we choose that, think upon that, ask and believe we have received it, and open ourselves to receiving it. That’s the formula, and it is always working. But the rules we’ve made for ourselves and our world tend to make the process more difficult.

We all limit ourselves, knowingly or unknowingly, by old beliefs and habitual thought patterns we learned in the past and have never re-assessed. To make life flow in a beautiful and joyous way, a good first step would be to let go of so much categorizing, intellectualizing, naming, claiming, arguing, pigeon-holeing, and otherwise limiting The Infinite with our finite ideas and opposites. We can and we will have what we ask for. We could at any time, wake up and stop asking for the things we really don’t want. When we do that, our personal world will change. As we change, one by one and milion by million, the world will change. For we have made it what it is, and only we will change it.

Opposites and separations are simply the balancing-mechanisms of our limited physical world. The real universe of Spirit has no such limitations and its rules are much simpler: There is only one Life, a you are it.

You are Life, you are God’s physical expression, just as every drop of water in the sea truly is The Ocean. Conceptually we can say that this drop is a “part of” the ocean, and physically we can catch some drops of ocean in a bucket and then say, “Now it’s not the ocean, it’s just a small bucket of water.” But it still is Ocean, and it will make his way back to its true identity eventually one way or another - by a runoff from the sand, or by evaporation and return as rain. And beyond Ocean is all the water of the earth, and vaster still, the atoms of the universe and beyond.

The wholeness is always complete, we only separate it in thought, and so it becomes separate for us. Yet the Wholeness - God/the Universe/ infinite consciousness - (no matter what we call it or pigeonhole it in our perception) does not lose its identity; it still remains one thing, whole and complete. And we, even in all our shortcomings and errors and misperceptions and failures of faith, still do not lose our identity as expressions of God, playing out the role or the game our Greater Self /Soul has chosen.

We are what we are, whether we acknowledge it or not. There is really no “Us and Them” just as there is really no “us and God.” There is only God, and God is expressing in everything that exists, including you and me. The greatest miracle is that God has given us virtually unlimited power and choice in how we shall live and create, and unlimited worlds to discover. It’s all there, available to everyone.

When we know this, amazing things happen. When we don’t know it, amazing things also happen - for better or for worse. The choice is ours. It is my hope that you will make the choice to be aware, and mindful, and seek the truth of the God-spirit within you, because that will help create the kind of world I want. But it’s not really about me and what I want; it’s about you. The option is yours. When you create your life, you are changing the world for all of us, because all of us are infinitely and eternally connected with you.

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