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Thoughts and Excerpts
from a talk by Bijan Anjomi
at Unity Center of Walnut Creek

Sometimes at the close of a long day I lie down on the couch just to be silent and peaceful for a while, at rest, body and soul. I put my feet up and cover myself with a knitted Afghan my Greek grandmother made, and I gaze out the window at the gilt-edged sunset.

Inside the room, the ever-paler and fainter squares of sunlight reflected through the windows are creeping slowly across the opposite wall. These pink and golden shimmering blocks of pale light slowly grow dimmer and gradually rise higher on the wall as the sun sinks lower in the sky, till finally the last light fades.

I look around this ordinary room at all the common things, and in this moment, I see them as an artist sees - beautiful, perfect in design, with soft and wonderful edges of muted colors and shapes and shadows, and I am quietly, peacefully, amazed. This physical world, when we stop to look at it with quiet eyes, is such an incredibly beautiful place.

This has been a Sabbath day. At my little church a guest speaker came today. He spoke in a very informal way, with refreshing candor and warm humor. He spoke in a seemingly rambling way, and yet he touched on many of the things in my heart, and perhaps all our hearts, today.

He spoke openly and comfortably about his own Spirit Guide, and he said that we all have one, or many, and many angels as well to guide us continuously, though we may not be aware. I was so struck by his words and his clear and direct vision of truth, that I wanted to hold onto the words, and I began to scribble some notes in the margins of the church serviceprogram flier. Now I would like to share some of them with you.

Notes from Bijan’s talk, January 9, 2000

Doing is only what we do to not be bored. Creating has nothing to do with doing. Life is not about doing and making, but about creating. We create our lives exactly as we believe.

Making is putting “stuff” together. Creating comes from nothing. When we create from our unconscious, (habitual mind) that creating is from an accumulation of past experience. The past always judges our behavior and produces guilt and fear. Creating from a higher consciousness is always in the present, and is aware.

* * *

Someone in the congregation asked: “What about the poor and the homeless? Are you saying they created that?”

No one is anywhere unless they desire to be. Everyone creates where they are - to have the experience, though we may forget why we did. But the moment I know I am the Creator, I get out. I’m unstuck.

* * *

Who you are is not a body that has life in it, and can lose its life. Who you are IS THE LIFE. The body is the suit you’ve chosen to wear for now. The ego is like a necktie - it really has no purpose. (and with a chuckle) Except to choke you!

Ego and fear are brothers. Fear changes the direction of your Divine Power to the wrong direction. But you can learn the lesson and change again.

Everything you ever do is to your benefit. The choice is either to be at peace, or to suffer and (either way the function is to) learn the lesson.

* * *

You are a powerful source, not a victim. What makes you a victim is choosing to believe it. You are the Creator. The moment you realize this, you change your experience. You are not a victim, and neither is anyone else.

In our darkness we do not know that we created it. When we know that we created it, the lesson is done, and we can look to see what it was.

You are bigger than any circumstance. We set ourselves up with different circumstances so that we can grow beyond them.

* * *

The least powerful thing you can do is to think or talk the past. The past is always the ego trying to distract us away from now. Away from Me. (The I Am.) The key to all your power is making that leap to Who You Are - the powerful creator, to: I am the extension of God, I am the Creator of my life.

When someone asks “How are you?” you should always answer “Excellent!” because that is how you are. If someone asks how you are feeling, you may say “I have some pain, but I know I can heal it.” Stand in the moment and declare the power.

Doubt comes from the ego. Don’t buy into it. Don’t go toward what will hurt you. Dismiss it, and return to faith.

* * *

Bijan’s website is - - Bijan isn ot only a spiritual philosopher and teacher, Bijan is a world class bodybuilder who has won two Mr. Universe Natural Division titles, the most recent one at the age of 60.

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