Our parents taught us, either intentionally or unknowingly, how to be like them. It was the best they had to give us, because it was all they knew. We know that's not who we are. Our history has been whatever it has been, but we are not our history. We are not prisoners of the past.

As we grow into our lives we must re-examine everything we ever learned, to see what of it proves true and truly useful, and what of it does not fit the truth of who we are and who we want to be now, as new individuals, new spirits, unique souls.

WHat our parents and friends have given to us was given to us, at the time. We must keep and cherish all the true, and we must forgive and release the errors that they and we have made before.

We are not our history. We are not our mistakes. We are more than either our mistakes or our successes. Whatever we seem in the eyes of this world, we are much more. And we are ever growing toward our God-given potential.

Let us recognize this in each other, every single one of us, and throw out the old quarrels of our human history. Let us write a new history that is different, together. And let it begin, now.

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