You really are all right. Did you know that? You really are very okay, just the way you are now, and you are continuously growing. Whoever you are, whatever you have been or done up to now, there is more of you unexpressed, undiscovered and unknown. You have a special, immensely valuable gift that you bring to the world and to the lives of all the people in your world.

There is no hurry to give it. It has no deadline. You are giving it all the time, even when you don’t know it. This amazing gift you have to give is simply being who you are, in this world. Sometimes you're intensely you, very visibly you, very actively and powerfully you. And other times you are quietly you, gently you, or even silently you in stillness heard only by God. But always, in every moment of your life, you are profoundly you. God’s own creation, created in His image, you have within you God’s power and God’s wisdom even if you are unaware. You have within you all of the exquisite beauty that fills God’s creations in this world.

By God’s plan and Universal Laws, you can never be less than blessed. Know this, and claim it, for it is always yours for the asking. All the abundance of God’s kingdom is yours by birthright. There is no need to steal it, no need to lie to get it, and no reason to believe you have been cheated out of it by any force on earth. Reach out and accept your abundance.

Your job is not the source of your abundance, your security, or your happiness. Your business, your family, the government, or “society” is not your source of supply. God is your source. God is the only Source of all that is. “Ask and you shall receive” is a promise delivered by one of God’s teachers nearly 2,000 years ago, and the promise has been kept. Whatever it is that your heart truly desires, ask, truly believe in this promise, and the gift you seek will be yours, to use and enjoy and flow into the world.

You can never be less than special, gifted, and precious because God created you that way. Seen or unseen, there is in you unlimited potential, waiting to be realized and called forth by your conscious choice. The worst you can do is to hide your light because you think it isn’t bright enough. It is enough. One little candle can light up a whole lot of darkness. You can decline and refuse to accept your gifts and blessings. Many people do. Why would you do that? Because somebody taught you when you were a child that you didn’t deserve it? Because somebody is telling you now that the world is a mess and other people are suffering, and so you should not enjoy happiness?

The ones who told you those things may have meant well, but they simply didn’t know the truth. The truth is, God wants each and every one of us to have happiness and abundance and peace, and has set up a universe that offers that to us. God/ the universe unfailingly gives each of us whatever we ask for, believing. If you pray for prosperity, health, or any other thing, but you don’t believe you deserve it, or you don’t believe you can really have it except by winning the lottery or some other big miracle, you are not going to get it – because your negative belief is so much louder and stronger than your positive words and hopes.

Every thought you have, every word you speak all through the day, has the power of a brief little prayer too. The universe hears it, and acts upon it, just as you have asked, even if you didn’t know you were asking. Realize that you are always asking, and God / the universe is always listening and responding to you whether you know it or not. When y know it, you can use the universal law to bless yourself and others in your world.

The truth is simple and throughout eternity unchanging: “Nothing shall be impossible to you, if you have faith.” With the discovery of quantum physics, we learned that the living universe is not just made of cosmic dust and rocks flying in circles and explosions of burning gasses. The Universe is made of Consciousness and Laws that respond to the consciousness of us.

What you hold in thought will always manifest in your life, and what I hold in thought will always manifest in mine. We have no real control over anyone else’s life, but we have potentially unlimited control of our own. So “Be careful what you pray for” might well be expressed “Be aware of what you’re thinking, because that is what you’re creating.” You can have, do, or be, anything you can imagine, if you believe it. All the rest is already there - the gift is already given to you, waiting to be called forth by you. You and you alone can open the door.

Now that you know the truth, let it set you free. The fact is, you already were free, to create your own life and circumstances day by day, minute by minute, and you have been doing so all your life, aided by God’s occasional unasked-for gifts of grace. You are free to throw out any old limiting beliefs that have shaped your life so far. You are free to dump any negative concept, any non-productive or non-loving baggage you’ve been weighed-down with in the past, including old beliefs that didn’t work for you, and sometimes worked against you.

Your life is made new each day. If there is something you want to change about you or around you, recognize that you have the way to change it, and the means will be provided. Action is required; get up and begin. But even more important than what you do, is what you believe. No amount of work will succeed without the power of positive faith. Negative beliefs will undermine and sabotage even your greatest effort.

You can change the world, a little bit at a time, by changing you. That is, changing how you express your life in the world. If you make a mistake, you can change again, each time making better, happier, kinder choices. Kinder to yourself and to the world. Your self-in-the-world is in your control. Take hold of the steering wheel.

Your True Self, the beautiful one the world may not even see, is within you, and is eternal. It does not need to be changed. Open to your True Self, and embrace it. It is the Christ in you, and I assure you, you do have it. Open to receiving your true gifts, and expressing them in the world. It is not too late.

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