The universe has a positive bias, says Unity Minister Robert Trowbridge. He also said that you and I and everything in the universe were not only created BY God, but also actually out of the very substance and essence OF God. “We are all made out of God-stuff” he says. Since everything that exists is made out of God, God is in all things, and all beings.

From the beginning, God gave us free will. God lets us hurt ourselves if we choose to do so. And it’s important to recognize that it’s “choose to” (which may or may not mean “want to.”) I believe that God’s natural universal laws definitely tend to support and assist the good choices, the loving actions, the positive endeavors more actively than the destructive things we pursue in our lives. Even though sometimes we are saved by Grace in spite of ourselves, nevertheless, the power is in us; the gift is already given. If anyone chooses to hurt, reject, damage or destroy himself or others, God will let him have his own way.

Here’s the bad news: We have free will. Now here’s the good news: We have free will.

We all can, and do, manifest what our lives shall be through the thoughts and beliefs that we hold in consciousness. God's universe is a conscious, listening, watchful and responsive universe. This is the basic premise of all New Thought faiths, religions, and studies.

But there's a "catch-22" that often keeps people from having happy lives - they are “un-conscious” or unaware of what they are thinking and believing, and unaware that their thoughts and beliefs always create their life circumstances. The truth is, we all have this life-gift and this creative power, and its laws are in effect at all times; we are creating our own lives whether we know it or not.

Sometimes when we make bad choices (either knowingly or unknowingly) and we find those unhappy circumstances playing out in our lives, we often say “I guess it was the Will of God.” We refuse to recognize or take responsibility for our lives.

This is a critical recognition. With the recognition and acceptance of responsibility for creating our life up to now, comes the power to re-create it differently, starting immediately. As soon as we begin, God/the Universe moves too, quicker than our own shadow, with unexpected and often unseen events of all kinds to facilitate and empower our endeavors.

The real key that opens unlimited possibility and makes that power available to us is the acceptance of the truth that
we have it. We have always had it, and will always have it, because that’s the way the spiritual universe works.
Taking full personal responsibility for the life you have (instead of blaming others, fate, luck, God, etc.)
empowers you to create the life you want. You can begin at once changing the life you have into the life you want. 

This is not, however, an easy process. There is something in us that always resists change – even change for the better. There was a self-protective reason why we made those earlier choices in the first place. Maybe it seemed easier at the time. It probably seemed safer. Or sometimes we made those choices because someone else thought we should, or told us we must. And the oldest excuse "I had no other choice" is also a choice:
you have chosen to be helpless and powerless. The truth is, you, I, all of us, always have another choice. Wherever you are in your life right now, there is someplace else to go.

Don’t let anyone else choose your life for you. That's an illusion anyway, and the ultimate cop-out. Only your choices create the form and substance of your life. Contrary to appearance, your life is really created from the inside out, not the other way around. The thoughts, actions, and choices of any and all other persons do not really affect your life, except to the degree that you allow them to influence your choices.

You don’t have to let other people’s beliefs about you become your beliefs about you. You don’t have to let other people’s choices become your choices. Even though some choices will be hard, you always have the freedom and power of choosing for yourself. And in fact, whether you recognize it or not, you are always choosing, moment by moment, what your life is and shall be.

We have a responsibility to God to be joyful, generous, prosperous and happy, loving and loved. But whatever you think and believe, becomes the truth in your life. Make the choice to take the responsibility. Get focused, get on-task, get on-purpose. Head toward the light, spend some time being still enough to listen – and follow the quiet voice in your heart. Because whatever you seek, you will find. Be aware of what you are seeking.

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