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#104   God Dancing

You can be a disciple of the Universal God, anyone can. We have all been given the choice and the ability and the means. This gift, this unlimited opportunity to recieve it is already given, already within each one of us, everyone. No one has been excluded. You don't have to be annointed or chosen. You are already sacred, you are born chosen. The only hard part is the surrender. With all the things we must fight and resist in this physical life, surrendering to anything, even the love of God, seems terribly hard.

How can I surrender to a God I cen't see or know? What will happen to me, if I give up my hold on this separate and independent identity, safeguarded by the thing called ego, that I have made my sword and shield?

he truth is, there is no separate identity. You are unique, buty not separate. You areone of the manifestations of God. Like an oak tree or a hummingbird, except that you, "in the image of God," have a choice that those other creations don't have. You have the opportunity to know the Spirit and truth of God consciously.

You are God's expressing in this place at this time in this way, ad the separation is only a mind-illusion, a way of playing the game of life, a way of dancing the dance of life. There are innumerable ways to play and to dance, and you are created for the delight of God. Not only by God, but of God, which has taken this form to be able to experience adventures, challenges, limitations and emotions, and every experience there is, through human life.

In this sense, you are God at play, you are God dancing. Rejoice! For you shall dance forever. Here now, and another time, another place, for there is really no time or place, only Life without end. Amen.