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Spirit is the life; Mind is the builder; physical is the result…
One of our purposes on earth may be to learn how to onsciously
use our minds and the Spirit energy flowing through them
to create a more satisfying and fulfilling life experience."

From: The Hidden Meaning of Illness, Bob Trowbridge, M.Div.

How good is your life? Are people treating you the way you want to be treated? The way you feel you deserve? People are seeing what and who you are being. They are not responding to what you truly are, but to what you believe you are. Change how you see yourself on the inside, and the outside circumstances will change without a great deal of effort. People will see you differently when the way you see yourself changes, whether you try to change your outside appearance or not.

When your inner thoughts, feelings, and beliefs begin to change, your way of being in the world changes accordingly. You will be motivated to take whatever actions are necessary or helpful. Am I saying that you can think yourself thin? And think yourself wealthy? Well, yes and no. What I can promise you is that you will never become the beautiful you that's inside (thinner or not) while you are hating and blaming yourself for being “fat” (whatever that word means to you). And you will not have real abundance and prosperity no matter how hard you work, or even if you commit crimes, as long and you see yourself as a poor person without any luck, just trying to make it in this world.

God did not create us just to drop us here and abandon us. Our creator has equipped us, each one, with free will and enough power to create the lives of our own choice. And this is exactly what we all do, throughout our lives, consciously or otherwise.

Thoughts move the universe. Radical as that sounds, it is true. What you hold in thought, and repeat on a frequent basis, must manifest in your life. This is an immutable universal spiritual law.

The world we live in appears to be all there is, and it is physical. So we tend to believe that physical laws rule the world and the universe. They do, if you choose for them to, and your luck and good fortune will be just average. As long as you believe you cannot influence your life, and that happiness must come from something outside of you and beyond your control, your life will have constant ups and downs. When you assume and believe that you don’t control your life, you don’t.

The life of this earth will probably always have wars and conflicts as long as people believe they are effective and useful. Amazingly even though many centuries of wars have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that wars are hopelessly not effective, and not useful, and always bring vast sorrow and loss, still a great many people believe in them, and choose that path again and again. Some of them do it because they want the feelings of excitement and the temporary sense of power. Some do it out of fear, believing they are doing it in "self-defense." And some do it because they think that they have no other choice.

I assure you that they, I, and you, have every imaginable other choice, but we must choose it. First we must look to uncover, consider, and change some of the outgrown and often false beliefs we are carrying that do not serve our happiness. I believe absolutely that God intends for us to be joyful, comfortable, healthy, loved, and wonderfully entertained by life. I have not always believed this; I had to learn it, and my life has taught me. I discovered that when my beliefs about life changed, my life changed. At first it seemed like a miracle, but it was not. It was just the way the universe works.

God has given us every tool, and an unlimited number of pre-fulfilled wishes, with which to create the lives of our own choice. We can literally have, be, and do, anything we wish, including the things we may have thought (and believed) were impossible. If this is true, then why does anyone choose wars? Why do they choose drug addictions, crimes, and cruelty to other human beings? There may be many reasons, some of them very complex, but often the reasons are simple:

Because it feels good at first, for a while. Because it gives them some desirable feeling like power, excitement, freedom, happiness, strength, peace, or ecstasy. Or because there is a certain thrill in taking a risk, and in breaking the rules of the world. It gets attention. It makes them feel important (because they don't realize that they already are). It makes them feel "more alive."

Or they do these things because they believe that their choices are limited, and they think happiness depends on luck or fate, which they may feel cheated out of by other people, or by God . When they can’t seem to get the real forms of those good feelings, they settle for some counterfeit forms instead. False power, fake happiness, drug-induced bliss. They are settling for something less, something else, instead of the life they really want.

All of those reasons are unnecessary. We can have, achieve, and keep every good feeling we want, through the spiritual laws which supercede the laws of physics and the laws of the physical world. God is bigger than the physical world, and because God-mind is within you, you also are more than the physical world. You might be very surprised to know: Those physical limitations you perceive as being out-there in your physical world, are really in-here in your thoughts and beliefs , which you have complete control of.

Our circumstances and all of our experiences in the world are always the reflections of our inner being, created and brought into manifestation by our habitual kinds of thoughts and beliefs, and by the actions those thoughts and beliefs habitually cause. It’s not about being a good person or a bad person. Few of us are saints. But all of us are held responsible, not just by our world, but by God and the Universe. What we believe is what we receive, each one of us.

Recognize this, change the nature and habits of your thought, and your world will change accordingly. Stop blaming anyone or anything for the life you have, for it is yours, created by you, and able to be re-created differently by you, with the power of God behind it. In the moment that you recognize and accept your responsibility, you also accept your inheritance, not from the world, but from your Father God.

Opportunities and insights will appear, seemingly out of nowhere. You will know what to do, you and you will do it. When you do it while staying determined in the faith and trust that the thing or circumstance you desire is yours already, only waiting to be manifested by a loving and generous God, what you desire and hold in consciousness will manifest in physical form in your life and your world. It cannot do otherwise.

Well then, you may ask, “Why don’t we have world peace? There must be billions of people who want that.” Yes, there are, but too many of them do not really believe that it is possible. So many of us are holding fear and mistrust. All our actions, hard work, and sacrifices will do little good as long and they are backed by doubt and fear. Only faith can change the world. The world we have is the one we’ve believed in, the one we’ve expected, the one we’ve created. We must change our beliefs and set our expectations higher, on a global scale, in order to make our world change.

It was human beliefs, emotions, desires, and actions that created the world we have. Each day, each minute, that process continues. What beliefs are you holding now about the future of the world and mankind? Call forth those thoughts and beliefs, and reconsider them. Are you creating a better world? Or just more of the same, by believing that _________ (fill in the blank) is inevitable and you cannot change it? You can change it, whatever it is, global or personal.

You don’t need power or domination over other people in order to make your life what it could be. You already have power and dominion over your own life and circumstances. You have chosen what you now have, and it was delivered to you exactly as you asked my means of your thoughts and beliefs. God /the Universe heard and answered every one. Whether you knew you were asking or not, you asked and received, just as Jesus promised (“Every one that asketh, receiveth.) If your life or your world is not what you really want in your deepest truest desires, that tells you what you have been asking, and what you have been believing.

Begin to be aware of your unconscious habits of asking, thinking, and believing. Begin to choose your thoughts and break the old habits by replacing them with new thoughts and building new habits. As you practice this, new beliefs take form, and take root. Soon new events and circumstances appear in your life; each one just like a gift.

God is the ultimate giver, and never stops giving. “Be careful what you pray for.” Be awake and aware. Ask for what you truly honestly want (and give that some serious consideration before you decide.) Do not allow your thoughts to dwell on what you don’t want (such as problems, worries and fears) because what you hold in thought is what you will attract into your life.

Does this make sense? Absolutely. Is this easy to do? Not at first. First you have to break away from all that baggage you’ve been carrying. Old habits are strong, and there will be resistance. Every time the old way of fear-based or negative thinking comes up, replace it with the new thought. When you commit to the process and the practice, it gets easier. The practice of deliberately, consciously choosing and applying the power of faith will create new habits of thought that bring to you the desires of your heart. When the first ones begin to manifest, it seems almost like magic. But over time, your belief gets stronger and stronger. As more demonstrations come forth, your faith naturally grows. It gets easier and feels natural to do.

The hardest part is turning that corner. Making the decision and commitment, and sticking to it in faith. Believe in advance, before the proof, that in God’s good time the gift you really desire will be given. In truth, it is already given, but it must wait for you to claim it and allow it to become manifest. That’s what allows God to bless you as much as you really want to be blessed, with whatever forms that may take.

Take a look at your own thoughts, and where they are taking you. Be awake and aware. You can literally attract and create illness, accidents, problems and misery, or you can have health, happy times, abundance, even miracles. Or you can create anything in between. You not only can do this, every minute of your life, you do. This is the good news: We create our own lives through the power of thought and faith. It’s also the bad news: We create our own lines through the power of Spirit, thought, and faith.

You are creating your life and your world right now, whether you do it consciously or unconsciously. Your life is a partnership between you and God; there is no way out of it; it requires your participation in its creation. Now that you know this, what will you create?

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