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1.   My Assignment    2.   What Life's For 3.   The Experience of God 4.   You Could Choose Peace 5.   The Gift of Now 6.   Mother's Day 7.   Look at Your Life 8.   Healing the Past   9.   Recycling Day 10.  What Is New Thought? 11.   A  Child Shall Lead Them 12.  The Rules For Being Human 13.  An Autobiography  14.  The Positive Bias of God 15.   We Get What We Ask For 16.  Honor Your Brother's Path 17.  Mission and Purpose in Life 18.  The "I" Is Implied 19.  From Here Until Forever 20. The Perfect Waking 21.   The Journey 22.  What Is God, and Who Are We? 23.  Paper Boats 24.  Heart By Heart 25.  The Path of  Joy 26.  Thoughts on Immortality 27.  Every Brave and Foolish Thing 28.  The Water for War 29.  Is this The End of Honesty? 30.  Self and Other-The Family of Mankind
31.  The Art and Skill of Mind, and Beyond 32.  Time and Eternity 33.  What Is Death? 34.  Facing Fear and Violence In The World 35.  New Year, New Life 36.  In God's Image 37.  From Bijan 38.  I Am The Greatest 39.  Choice and Change, Rebirthing Your Life 40.  Life and Life 41.  The Answer 42.  When Spirit Speaks 43.  Poem: I Am Not I 44.  Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen? 45.  How To Change The World 46.  Take Time To Be Holy 47.  Grace: The Gift Unasked For 48. Being Spirit Being Human 49. Take The Road Less Traveled 50.  We Are Co-creators With God 51.  Keep On Dancing 52.  How To Change Your Life 53.  Before I Wake 54.  God Is The Source, Mind Is The Medium
70.  Mother's Day, 2009