God is the source, mind is the medium, and self is the manifestation. The manifest universe is the body of God. Just as I have a body, and it is me, yet I am not it. I am much more than just a physical body. I have a body, a mind, and also a spirit or soul. All of them are aspects of me, but I am more. This is true of all of us, with no exceptions.

So too, God is more, than all of the universe. God is the creative Mind that created all mind, and is seamlessly connected to every human mind. God is the infinite Life that gives life to every existent thing and being. We can’t see God, the same way a fish can’t see the ocean - because we are in it. We are one with all of it, God’s universe, and God flows through our veins.

All that is, is God. Life appears to each of us as we perceive it. For better or for worse, it is created by us from day to day by what we think and believe, even more than by our actions. By what we think, believe, and expect, we have called forth the life we now have. We can call forth a different life if we choose to.

In order to do that though, we must come awake, become aware of what we are choosing, and accept responsibility for it. In this way we claim our power to change it. Our part of creation shall be HOW it is, but our part is empowered by God, and because of this it always holds a potential far beyond what we can see, perceive, or expect when viewed through our own or anyone else’s history. Our potential is, through God, unlimited. As much as we can imagine and believe, we can do, have, and become.

Life is bigger than a lifetime. Life is ongoing before our inception, and is ongoing after our physical death. Life itself is eternal. Life is Spirit, is consciousness, is God. We are made out of life, therefore you and I are eternal.

Then shall we be careless about this lifetime? Shall we ignore, or hide, or squander our gifts? No, for even though Life is eternal, this life is not. When this soul that is me and this soul that is you pass from this lifetime, the person that was, will never come again.

The tasks of this lifetime and everything in it are meaningful, serious, and sacred. What we do, matters. What we don’t do, matters. We cannot be sure how and we may never know why, but each of us has come here for a reason and a purpose. Seek to know how you can serve your God-given truth. Your purpose and your gifts may not seem big in the eyes of the world. In fact they may seem ordinary; but they are not. We are not God’s hobby; we are God’s hands. You would not be here if you were not important to the plan of the universe.

Ask for light, ask for help, ask for guidance, and ask for the true desires you find in your heart. They have been placed there by your loving God. Ask and believe the sacred promise, that whatsoever you ask believing, you shall receive. The gift is already given. Accept it, give thanks for it, use it, rejoice in it, and share it generously in your world. This is what you have come here to do.

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