from the horse's mouth

“We are intended to be happy. Misery and torment
are things we inflict on ourselves by choice.”
– Gregory Flood

“I Am The Greatest.” A brash young man said when he was 18 years old, and his life subsequently proved it to be true. Cassius Clay, who later changed his name as an act of his chosen faith to Mohammed Ali, did become, and is considered even to this day, the greatest and most respected professional boxer who ever lived. He had great talent and strength, but so did many, many others. What did he have that they couldn’t match? That they could not defeat? He had a powerful and unshakable belief in himself.

Only a few of us have such a clear and solid goal and vision for our lives. Most of us spend decades of our lives trying to figure out Who We Are and what we want in life. But one thing is true and in-common for every human being: You are what you believe you are, and what you have chosen for yourself in the physical world.

Life is governed by universal/spiritual laws. Life does not automatically give us what we deserve, or even what we earn. Life gives us what we ask for, and rewards what we claim. For better or for worse, it always and unfailingly delivers the consequences of our choices and beliefs.

Be aware that you are always choosing and asking, with the thoughts you think and the words you speak, even carelessly or in jest. Even if you are unaware of this, the universal principle still works the same way. Thoughts plus words and visual images are even more powerful than thoughts alone. If you casually entertain yourself with fantasy games of violence and destruction, or hold anger and resentment in the back of your mind, you are mentally inviting violence, of some kind, into your life. And it will surely come, in some way – a car accident, a cut finger, an ongoing conflict at work.

What you give harbor to in your mind must always play out in your life. That’s the way the real power of God/the Universe works. We have been given free choice and the power to create our lives, whether we want to or not. We are created by God to be creators, and so we are. That is the truth, the Plan, the Spiritual Law, and the inescapable state of every human being.

So be aware, awake, alert and mindful of what you are thinking and saying and how you are judging yourself, so that you can make happy choices and create the life you really want, on purpose, rather than unconsciously. Strive to be consciously aware and direct your thoughts to higher ground. They are, after all, your thoughts, and nobody else can get into your head unless you open that door.

Once you fully realize that you are creating your own life with the unseen power of your own God-given mind, you take dominion over your life and circumstances. Once you have honestly acknowledged this fact and accepted full responsibility for everything you have been, done, and knowingly or unknowingly called forth into your life, you have in that moment also accepted the power to do, to be, to have, or to change, anything about or around yourself and your life.

You cannot change other people. They have the same power as you do, to create their lives, but not yours. But by changing how you see yourself and your circumstances, your life and circumstances will change accordingly. Though basically very simple, this is a huge concept to embrace – that you, an “ordinary person” actually have (and have always had) virtually unlimited powers within your own life and affairs. “According to your faith, be it done unto you” is both a promise and a fact.

Much of the world today is focused on the use of external force. People are trying, with violence and murder, to change other people so that they can be “free.” They don’t know, or have forgotten, that we are always free, born free in spirit, and it is Spirit that really powers our world as we have chosen to create it. And we could change it by enough minds making different choices.

But as long as the critical mass of human beings continue to believe that war and killing is the way to create peace, we will always have wars. The only lasting peace will be in the hearts and minds of those of us who believe in it, and live it in our daily relations in the world.

Jesus said “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you fee.” Notice that he didn’t say “SET you free.” He knew that we always have the choice of freedom, and we are truly, eternally free from any limitations or bondage except those we impose on ourselves, through our held beliefs. God set it up that way, so that our lives might have individuality and meaning.

You are Who and What you believe you are, what you habitually tell yourself about you, silently or aloud, day by day. Every thought is heard by the universe. Universal law, God’s law of “Ask and you shall receive” is totally impersonal and non-judgemental; it fills the order just as it is. It gives you exactly what you claim.

It does not matter to the functioning of the universe if you didn’t really want that. That is what you asked for. Even if you don’t realize it, the laws of the universe go on working the same way for everybody. You have chosen/asked, and you will receive just what you have claimed as true in your life. The universal laws that are always working for you, will make that choice manifest/become true in your life, until you ask for and claim something different.

This is how you stop asking for what you don’t really want. To begin the changes you want, make a list of all the good things about you, and then when you catch yourself thinking anything that is less than the best of you, stop there, and deliberately substitute a better thought from your list. Almost immediately you’ll start to see subtle changes in yourself and the people and circumstances around you. In a few days, the changes will be very noticeable. This really works. “Most people like me a lot” is a good place to start. Say it out loud whenever you can, even if nobody else is around; just say it to yourself. If people are around, just think the words clearly, silently.

Then make a list of the things you would like to be true about you, that aren’t quite true, yet. Start substituting one or two of those each time you catch yourself having a negative thought or attitude, like disappointment, resentment, hurt, or anger. Those negative thoughts and feelings do nothing good for you. Acknowledge and accept them without guilt, as being normal and natural, and then choose something better for yourself instead. Canceling them out this way (it takes some practice but it works brilliantly) gives you a double benefit: 1.You do something good for yourself, and 2.You disallow anyone or anything outside of you to dictate what you choose to feel inside of you. Remember, nobody can do that unless you let them.

Strive to be conscious and aware of even your small passing thoughts, because they are powerful. Why not program yourself at these little opportunities, for more happiness and more success? It will become a habit and your life will bloom. You have the power to change and create yourself and your world, for better or for worse, and you are doing it right now whether you know it or not.

Know it, claim it, and use it to bless yourself and the world.

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