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Ever since the very first ones of us, the ones who lived in caves, we have all been thinking and searching and longing to know: Where is the centerpoint of it all? Where, and what, is God? As human consciousness has slowly evolved, we have made millions of discoveries, outer ones and inner ones, about our world, our universe, and beyond it. We have discovered some of the physical laws that order and sustain all the life in our universe. Finally, about 100 years ago, quantum physics discovered a stunning truth that took the field of physics across the line into metaphysics, and exposed the spiritual nonphysical nature of the universe. The discovery: Universe/life/being/matter, all are made of nothing, except consciuosness. The centerpoint is everywhere.

God is in, and moving through, everything. Everything that exists is the God-consciousness expressing, manifesting in form. But God is not form, as an artist is not the work of art, nor is s/he confined or constrained within it or limited by it. Absolutely unlimited works of art exist in every artist, and unlimited works of creativity exist in every human being, in potential, in not-yet-made-manifest form. There is a higher self, a higher consciousness that creates everything. The world we see is simply a physical manifestation of this.

We are all creators, that's what “in the image of God" means. We are all God being made manifest transiently in flesh, just as Jesus was. But the physical body and the physical world are only the artworks; we are the artis, as God is. We are some of the forms and works through which God/Life expresses. The “I am” is not confined or constrained by our physical being. This is simply what we are doing now, what we are being now. Within this truth is the obvious truth that God is not somebody else, far away, out there, but is here, now, within us, has always been and always shall be. God is not bound or limited by the physical and neither are we.

The threshold of our power, grace, and wisdom from God, is exactly this: Do we know it? Do we believe it? Jesus knew it and believed it completely, and came here to share it with everyone. That was the task he was given, and he said “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Patients he didn't say "set you free," because we have always been free, with unlimited choice, bound and limited only by our own beliefs and misbeliefs. Most of us have carried false and limiting beliefs, even a heavy load of them, since we first learned them in childhood. One of the hardest challenges of growing up in this world is the step-by-step unlearning of these and similar untruths: "you can't because… You don't deserve… You are not good enough… not gifted enough… not worthy enough… You are not enough. At the deep inner truth of who and what we are, all of those are lies.

You are created by God, and just as you are now, you have all the power, strength, courage, and wisdom you need to change anything you have been, to what you wish to be. Within your truest self, you have all the power, strength, courage, and wisdom of God do it with, if only you can know and accept this truth: God is in you, absolutely, no exceptions, and available for you always, for anything you desire or need. But to call upon all this, you must know, accept, and believe: God is in you, and you are in God. God is you, and you are God. Think on this, and let your truth be shown to you.

this Month's New Thought Essay, Poetry, and Blog. Darkhorse Press New Poets