#103   Everything That

Everything that comes, goes. Born into this world, we come here as a soul alone, and we will leave here as a soul alone. In the meantime, we are given everything on earth to discover. Where we are now, everything that lives, dies. Nothing here is eternal except the essence of us, the soul, the God part, what the teacher Jesus called "the Christ in you."

On earth, all things are constantly changing, moving forward through a spiral path, through cycles of hours, days, years, centuries, or billions of years. We humans have the incredible extra blessing of being aware of this experience of life, curiosity about it, and an iherent hunger to understand it. Then we leave here. We go to another place to do another thing. When we go, we leave behind the physical embodiment we no longer need, the garment we have lived in while we are here. Magnificent and miraculous though it was, it was always only a garment, and temporary. But the essence of us, who and what we are, is as eternal as God/Spirit/Life itself. The true Being of us takes on new forms of energy to use, and goes on growing and becoming, though we cannot see it now. The essence that we are, cannot die, and all that we have learned here, we take with us to the next way of being. Who and what we are, will always be, and will continue becoming. What we call death, whether peaceful or hard, is not the end of everything and is not a failure, but a natural completion, a graduation and a new going forth.

You are God's creation, and God is therefore in you. God has put on your face, and wears your clothes, accepting and loving and enjoying playing this role of you, experiencing the life of you, here. But you don't know this. Because God is in you, you have great power, but you don't know this. God gave you and me and every human being the power of free choice, and the power and the means to manifest those choices in our lives, and we do. We can choose to love or hate, to help or harm, each other. We can make ourselves terribly unhappy, and God won’t stop us, if that’s what we choose.

Most of my life, I thought that I was here on earth, and God was out there somewhere, totally unimaginable, unreachable from here, all-powerful, and not always fair to everyone. My religion taught that God would punish me if I sinned, like not paying attention in Sunday School.

Actually, that's not the truth about what God is. God is bigger than that, and we may never know the whole truth because the human mind is not designed for that. Indeed, the whole truth might be too much to bear, as Jesus told us his disciples (according to John 14: 25–27) when he left this earth, "I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes he will guide you into all the truth…" So the truth is always ahead of us, with more to learn, more to discover.

You and I and everyone else, and every living thing, and every seemingly nonliving thing that makes up the earth and the stars and the universe, are all God expressing. Everything that is, is God. It expresses as form, or as energy, or as consciousness; all are one thing, the All That Is, and all exist at the same time. In fact, in reality there is no such thing as time; it’s just a part of the system we created to help us try to understand life.

Everything that is, is God. This is the truth. When we realize this, everything changes. This is a transcendence, and it does not come by accident, you must be willing and ready to receive it. For some it may come like a flash of lightning, flooding your mind and body and everything around you with an almost unbearable light and unimaginable joy. Or it may come simply, as a gentle realization and a limitless ocean of forgiveness, loving assurance, and peace. God is all there is, and we are that, too.

We will all know it someday, when we wake. At death, everyone awakes, but we don't have to wait that long. The truth is always here, now, and we can know it any time. We can know truth, and then choose to knowingly, consciously be it, right here where we are. If enough of us choose and commit to be consciously Who We Truly Are, with a simple respect and kindness, right here where we are, right now, as channels of God in the world, we will change the world.

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